Bank Kassa Nova offers You to send cash assets safe, easy and profitably using SWIFT payment system to any country of the world both for benefit of physical and legal bodies. Payment transfer is carried out via international network of cash settlements and payments using interbank telecommunications SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication). Each bank operating in the system has its unique SWIFT-code.

Main advantages of SWIFT payments:

In order to transfer SWIFT international payment in foreign currency the client should submit:

Transfer/credit of cash by currency transactions is carried out based on the following documents:

Submittal of Currency Contract is not required for bank accounts of residents and non-residents (both of physical and legal bodies) in the amount not exceeding the equivalent of ten thousand US dollars, if:

Physical bodies (residents and non-residents) are entitled to carry out without opening the account in Bank

In case of payment/cash transfer by physical body towards performance of obligations of another physical body Contract shall be submitted to Bank specifying the character of mutual obligations, or a document certifying that sender is a husband (a wife) or a close relative of the person towards performance of which obligations the payment is carried out.