Priority Banking

Priority Banking by Kassa Nova Bank provides individual approach to needs of privileged clients, top level service, bank products and services including:

  • premium payment cards providing exclusive services and pointing at a cardholder's high status;
  • options of use of funds which shall promote both to save Your money and increase it;
  • a complex insurance package covering all main risks;
  • loans with efficient terms for You;

Personal manager is Your personal funancial and payment agent who shall provide You with all above stated services considering your individual wishes ensuring new quality level and full confidentiality and safety.


Priority banking offers qualitative service providing top banking service standards for clients who obtained financial success and prosperity:

  • Specialized office located in the business part of the capital shall provide comfort and confidentiality of the bank service, and allows holding business meetings and deals in exclusive atmosphere providing high quality service;
  • Professional manager shall render to You full complex of bank products and services in professional manner and in time considering Your personal needs, and will offer financial and investment solutions of any issues;
  • Deposits with attractive rates of remuneration;
  • Automated safe depository; * The issue of GOLD and ELITE class exclusive plastic cards considered as the mark of a client's wealth, presentability and used for payment of purchases and services and ensuring access to elite service and unrestricted opportunities in any time all over the world;
  • The issue of Virtuon payment card used for payment via Internet of goods and services and ensuring the preservance of money and comfortable monitoring of virtual payments;

Complex service for members of Your family.